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SECSRT 165 We Were Part of That 3-2 Game

Shane Bailey is joined by Nick Jones, Blair Smyly, and Britton Burton. Listen as they discuss Derrick  Henry's performance and Alabama's statement win over LSU.  Shane's down on his Wildcats, Vanderbilt lets one slip through their fingers, Mississippi State, Tennessee and much more on tonight's SECSRT.


SECSRT 164 Four Overtimes Say What?


This week Britton Burton and Blair Smyly join Shane Bailey to talk about the crazy 4 overtime victory at Arkansas, Alabama surviving against Tennessee, Vandy's big SEC win,  Mississippi State's dismantling of Kentucky and much more on tonight's SECSRT.

SECSRT 163 Week 8 In The SEC


The roundtable is back to look at all the actio in the SEC, big wins by Alabama, LSU and Georgia to name a few.  As well as looking ahead to UT at Alabama, Auburn at Arkansas and A&M at Ole Miss

SECSRT 162 Dynasties Are For Crazy People

Tonight Shane Bailey is Joined by Nick Jones of Bama Hammer to take a look at the SEC.  They discuss the psyche of the SEC fan and why there is no need for alarm.  They also take a deeper look at who has the chance to emerge on top of both the East and West sides to meet in Atlanta. And while we are not even halfway through with the season, there are a few teams starting to separate themselves.  All this and more on tonight's SECSRT